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Currently Sick: Expect Some Delay

I flew back from San Francisco yesterday, and I sat next to a very sick guy on the airplane. I am not feeling well this morning, which is a rough way to start the Winter academic quarter. I also have … Continue reading

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SCS/AIA 2016 Annual Meeting in San Francisco

This week I am flying to San Francisco to attend the 147th annual meeting of the Society for Classical Studies and Archaeological Institute of America. The meeting will be taking place from January 6-9, and I’ll be staying in San Francisco … Continue reading

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My New House in Pasadena, CA

I have been away from the blog lately due to a variety of end-of-the-year academic and life-changing business. However, after spending the last couple days moving boxes and furniture out of my old apartment, and then cleaning the place, I have finally … Continue reading

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From Angry Atheist to Happy Humanist: How to Stop Hating on Religion and Start Celebrating Secularism

Originally posted on Civitas Humana:
I deconverted from Protestant Christianity over 5 years ago, right after I began my freshman year in college. It was, I suppose, a fairly typical and drama-free deconversion: I progressed out of the fundamentalism of…

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Some Cool PowerPoint Slides on Roman History and the Bible

This week I finished teaching my first independent university course, for which I  constructed my own website and curriculum. I have previously taught Latin and Greek courses from prepared syllabi, as well as discussion sections for courses on Greek and … Continue reading

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Weekend Hospital Visit and the “Miracle” of Modern Medicine

Late last month I announced that I would be taking a break from the blog and part of the reason was due to the fact that I have been experiencing a distressing loss of energy. I thought that the symptoms … Continue reading

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Is Atheism (Much Less Physicalism) Fashionable?

A growing slogan that I have recently heard echoing among apologetics circles is the claim that it is “popular” these days to be atheist, agnostic, or skeptical. The tactic is simple: represent atheism as some ephemeral trend of fashion and … Continue reading

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