About Κέλσος

Κέλσος is a blog that discusses secular approaches to topics of science, philosophy, and history, especially on issues that overlap with religious apologetics. In recent decades, several religious apologists have attempted to use academic arguments to justify or prove their religion in higher education. For example, many Christian apologists argue that “cosmological evidence” can be used to prove the existence of God, or that “historical evidence” can be used to prove the resurrection of Jesus.

Despite these bold claims, however, the majority of scholars in secular academia tend to have very different views, and there are many experts on the same issues that apologists raise who do not interpret them as pointing to the truth of theism or any particular religious tradition. When apologetic arguments are presented to general audiences, however, many are not aware of these secular scholars. Κέλσος is thus an online resource designed to introduce open-minded believers, agnostics, and skeptics alike to the views and arguments of secular scholars. The goal of this blog is not primarily to attack religion itself, but instead to provide alternative views to apologetic arguments, especially when they are used aggressively to target non-believers.

I also write about other areas of my academic research in Classics, Mediterranean history, Greco-Roman religion, and ancient literature, when it is of related interest to this blog.