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Understanding the Value of Biblical Parallels

Here on Κέλσος I frequently discuss parallels between the New Testament, the historical Jesus, and Christianity and other literature, historical figures, and religions of the ancient Mediterranean world. I am likewise currently working on a dissertation that compares the Gospels to popular-novelistic … Continue reading

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Homeric Mimesis in the Alexander Romance

Recently I posted a guest blog by NT scholar Dennis MacDonald, which discusses the possible use of Homeric mimesis in the canonical Gospels, particularly the Gospel of Mark. Mimesis of earlier literature is a common literary technique found in the genre … Continue reading

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Greek Popular Biography: Romance, Contest, Gospel

Alright, I have finished grading exams, advanced to Ph.D. candidacy, and wrapped up the Winter 2016 academic quarter. I have also been catching up on rest and exercise this past week, while recovering from a very busy and stressful last … Continue reading

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Review of Craig Keener, “Miracles,” Continued: Keener’s Complaints about the “Bias” of Biblical Scholars

As I stated in my previous post, I will be writing a multi-part review of Craig Keener’s Miracles: The Credibility of the New Testament Accounts here on Κέλσος. Since Keener’s two volumes are very long, and there are a lot of issues that … Continue reading

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Whitney Shiner, “Creating Plot in Episodic Narratives: The Life of Aesop and the Gospel of Mark”

In my last post I discussed Lawrence Wills’ comparison of the Gospels’ literary genre to the Life of Aesop, as a hybrid of ancient novel and biography, in The Quest of the Historical Gospel. In this followup post, I will also discuss Whitney Shiner’s … Continue reading

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Lawrence Wills: “The Life of Aesop and the Hero Cult Paradigm in the Gospel Tradition”

In an earlier blog essay I compared the genre of the New Testament Gospels with The Certamen of Homer and Hesiod as a hybrid of ancient novel and biography. As I discuss in my essay “Are the Gospels Ancient Biographies?: The Spectrum of … Continue reading

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Some Scholarly Bibliography on the Historical Jesus and the Apostle Paul

Last Spring quarter, when I was taking graduate seminars on the New Testament and Christian Origins at UC Santa Barbara, I compiled a bibliography of notable scholarship over the last several decades on the historical Jesus and the apostle Paul … Continue reading

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Missing Religious Ontologies in Ancient Polytheism

Below is a brief paper that I wrote for my “Greek Religion” seminar last quarter, where I address some of the ontologies of religion (e.g. sacred texts, church, dogma) that appear to be absent from ancient Greek polytheism. I discussed … Continue reading

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The Pot Calling the Kettle Black: David Hart’s Rant against Atheism and Naturalism in “The Experience of God”

Theologian and philosopher David Hart’s The Experience of God: Being, Consciousness, Bliss has made something of a ripple since being published about a year ago in 2013. Shortly after its publication, columnist Oliver Burkeman wrote a review for The Guardian, … Continue reading

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History & Philosophy FAQ

Here on Κέλσος I write about secular approaches to topics such as the historical Jesus, the New Testament, Mediterranean history, ancient literature, metaphysics, theology, epistemology, ethics, and worldview theory. Since I am an atheist, my views often clash with the arguments of … Continue reading

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