February Radio Debate with Craig Evans

One month ago I received an email from a pastor in Houston, TX named Evan McClanahan about arranging a digital radio debate on the topic of dating the canonical Gospels. McClanahan is the pastor of First Evangelical Lutheran Church, and hosts a radio debate series on topics relating to apologetics and Christianity.

EvansMcClanahan was able to get none other than Craig Evans to agree to hold a debate with me. Evans is a prominent evangelical New Testament scholar, who has debated the likes of Bart Ehrman. I have held two recorded debates previously relating to my writing here on Κέλσος (three, if you count a discussion that I had with Ray Comfort a couple years ago in Huntington Beach); however, this debate with Craig Evans is by far the most prominent one that I have been invited to yet!

The debate is scheduled to be held on Thursday, February 18, 2016 at 5-6 CST.

As I have said, the topic is on the dating of the Gospels. Most scholars tend to date the Gospels c. 70-100 CE. On the extreme ends, James Crossley (The Date of Mark’s Gospel) dates Mark to c. 40 CE, and Richard Pervo (Dating Actsdates Luke-Acts to c. 130 CE. I tend to lean towards the later date ranges, but I am not a stickler on the issue, since I think that dating many (if not, most) ancient texts requires rough estimates based on internal and external evidence. 

I’ll post more information here as the details are worked out, but I am really looking forward to this!

-Matthew Ferguson

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3 Responses to February Radio Debate with Craig Evans

  1. Very exciting – can’t wait!

  2. DagoodS says:

    Hmmm….very quiet on this upcoming event. Any news?

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