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More Κέλσος Coming Soon!

Hey Everybody, As we approach the Holiday Season, I want you all to know that more Κέλσος blogs are on the way! However, I am currently recovering from a horrible bronchial infection that put me in the hospital last week, and I … Continue reading

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A Tri-Refutation of C.S. Lewis

[This is one of the older essays on this blog, and I am planning to expand it into a new essay on C.S. Lewis, on my philosophy blog Civitas Humana. In particular, I plan to address Lewis’ argument from reason more … Continue reading

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Normative Ethical Subjectivism: A Moral Theory

[I am planning to expand this older essay into a new essay on naturalist and secular humanist ethics, as part of my blog series “Thinking about the ‘Metaphysics’ in Metaphysical Naturalism,” on my philosophy blog Civitas Humana. As such, some … Continue reading

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